Y&B’s core values of providing Eco-Friendly, Sustainable products that combines Quality and Affordability for all, is what inspires us to continue to seek out and produce premium products that don’t cost the Earth. 


Shopping with us means shopping with a conscience! We create our products by sustainable means and practices giving you peace of mind, knowing that your items are sourced and produced ethically and with little to no carbon footprint. All of our products are made to be given back to the Earth when we’re done with them.


The production and sourcing of “Eco-Friendly” and “Ethical” products often means that by the time they hit the shelves they aren’t very affordable. But as this sector grows and the demand for natural and organic products increases, we’ve made it one of our missions to offer more reasonably priced items wherever possible. Choosing sustainable options should be something everyone can afford. 


YnB prides itself on the quality of our Bamboo fabric AND its manufacturing!  We went to great lengths when sourcing our Bamboo fabric, choosing a small Organic manufacturer whose process maintains the natural properties of the Bamboo by using only natural enzymes (instead of chemicals and petro-chemicals) to break down the plant into yarn. Natural processing methods are often more time consuming and cost more, however it was important to us that we provided a “natural” product that we hope everyone enjoys and appreciates.