Our Values

We believe in everything we do, for you, for the environment and our communities future. Every action we take is guided by our navigational system, what we call our values.


We wanted to buy products that didn’t destroy our planet. You know the ones, that you don’t have to worry about where did this come from? Am I harming animals of devastating forests by purchasing this product?

We want to buy products that don’t harm our planet, so this is what we decided to create!


Getting products that don’t harm the planet is one thing, but making them accessible is another! We’ve also never understood why we cant find everyday products like underpants that are sustainable and don’t have a negative impact on your body when you’re wearing them! So we decided to create them!

we still don’t understand why you need to pay double the price for a product that harms the planet! So we’ve aimed to make our products affordable, pricing them in a way that everyone can afford!


we know from a business perspective designing a product to break or be replaced quicker than other products, could be smart business sense, but from a user point, this is so frustrating and also creates so much extra waste for landfill So we decided to design our products so they last, making them with quality in mind!

As we’ve grown up and developed we’ve decided to use some bigger words, for our values, just in case you’d like to learn with us 🙂

We do this by Eco-friendly Practices:

  • Plastic-free wherever possible
  • Products made with the least amount of waste possible with today’s technology
  • Recycling everything possible
  • Smart Emissions (i.e. not creating unnecessary carbon emissions, using public transport, walking, car pooling, preventing trips)
  • Offsetting wherever possible (our locations are all powered by 100% renewable energy)
  • Producing locally as much as possible

Raw to us means natural and authentic, represented within our:

  • Organic, chemical free, additive
  • free wherever possible
  • Conscious and mindful water and electricity consumption
  • Mindful everyday individual actions

Co-Creation to us means collaborations.

  • Sharing our resources, knowledge and skill between other organisations in order to reward our customers
  • Aligning ourselves with organisations working towards common goals, i.e. CABA Progressive a sustainable chamber of commerce, Dune Care, Resident Associations, Boomerang Bags
  • Assisting small and start-up businesses to build their business ideas
  • Working together, as individuals, businesses and community groups achieve a larger goal
  • Synergising our efforts
  • Working in unity
  • We believe the pie of life is large enough to share if we divide it right, why not share it! Individually, we can do so much together we can do so much more.

Ethical to us means:

  • Quality hand designed products
  • Closed circle productions
  • Community Awareness
  • Environmental awareness
  • Affordability
  • Accessibility
  • Pure, honest and upfront operations, no secrets, clean operator
  • Friendly, personalised service
  • Business support
  • Environmental and community education

Practical to us means:

  • Encouraging our customers to simply their consumption – ask yourself ‘do I really need this?
  • Products that are designed to practical uses, not something that is just designed to look pretty… Pretty, stylish and ergonomic designs are part of our process, but practical and required solutions are first priority!

Education to us means:

  • Assisting our clients to build a greater awareness of their impact on their local environment
  • Providing as much information about the why behind our products and services as possible
  • Collaborating with education providers to be offering our clients access to a greater pool of knowledge
  • Aligning ourselves with organisations that can offer supportive eco-friendly products

Simplicity to us means to live life with minimal needs, within our business this is represented by encouraging our team and our customers to:

  • Be conscious of your needs, to live within your means.
  • To reduce the clutter of our lives and live by what is important and only what is important.
  • Make positive choices on a daily basis. Choices that don’t cost our earth, our bodies, our immediate and wider communities.
  • Work-life balance – working the hours that support our families, ourselves and our networks
  • Ensuring there are energy supporting activities in each and every one of our team’s lives. i.e. we support our staff attending activities such as yoga.


  • To keep growing and developing as a business, as business family and as individuals within the business.

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