Many doctors and health professionals recommend that, for women, wearing underwear is better for you than not wearing any underwear.

We believe that the underwear you choose is essential when you consider that it comes in direct contact with one of the most intimate parts of our body. As women, we need to be aware of how our choice of underwear can affect and increase the risk of infection and bacteria.

For example, when you’re exercising, the “healthiest” panty is made from a moisture-wicking material and gives you full coverage.

Practitioners suggest 30% of women currently suffer from yeast infections such as thrush in the underwear area. 70-75% of women will experience thrush at least once throughout their lifetime. Could this be the result of the underwear we are choosing?

Regarding fabric, some undies are made predominately of synthetics such as polyester, have limited to no breathability and quickly create moisture build up, which can lead yeast infections.

We also need to consider the fit and style. Some underwear designs ride and move around in places that create irritation and run the risk of creating rashes and spreading infections.

The healthiest panty should be made from a moisture-wicking material (a material that pulls the moisture aware from your skin). Many scientists suggest that 60% or more of what we place on our the surface of our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. If this is the case perhaps we should also be considering the chemical composition of the fabric in our underwear! The more natural, the better!

An ideal choice of underwear is one that is made from a natural or organic material that enables your skin to breathe such as organic bamboo underwear or organic cotton.

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