Where is Cabarita Beach

Cabarita Beach which is a beautiful beach destination, an area of land located to the east of the Tweed Coast Road. The beach is centrally located towards the Tweed Heads suburb of Bogangar in NSW and a lot of people tend to interchange ‘Cabarita Beach’ and ‘Bogangar’ in terms of reference. But if you were to look at a map you can quite clearly see the distance between the two locations, with clubs, restaurants, and resorts in between.

Cabarita Beach is a well known local tourist spot near the Tweed Coast Road and is also popular with tourists visiting from interstate. It was first recognised with the establishment of the Cabarita Hotel on December 17th, 1960. Back in the day the hotel was one of the first developments in the area.

Cabarita Beach was originally referred to as Bogangar, an Aboriginal word that means ‘place of many pippies’. Pippies refer to the ceremonial shell middens that can be seen scattered about within the area. Shell middens are typically shellfish remains.

Boganga is known for the Norries Headland and is the halfway point between Currumbin and Byron Bay. It’s a popular destination for locals and tourists who want to enjoy a laidback holiday, with great views and a large variety of activities to choose from morning or evening.

These days Cabarita Beach has been turned into a go-to destination for beach lovers. With surrounding hotel accommodation for their enjoyment and pleasure, tourists enjoying their stay wouldn’t have it any other way

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