Things to do in Byron Bay in Spring

foot path down to mainland australias most easterly point at the end of cape byron

Spring in Australia is from around September to November each year, with average temperatures between 13 to 26 degrees Celsius. Byron Bay usually carries a mild temperate climate all year around, that makes it easy to pick as an ideal place for your vacation, no matter the time of the year. Byron Bay is the perfect holiday destination whether you’re into beach trips or cultural events.

For avid movie goers you don’t have to travel far to enjoy authentic independent films. The Byron Bay Film Festival (BBFF) is the largest regional film festival in Australia. It caters to exceptional film talents that showcase their skills in cinematography through a collection of captivating films. The film festival aims to promote the Australian film industry among locals and tourists visiting the area. The Byron Bay Film Festival happens every October, so be sure to bring your family and friends with you to catch some brilliant films and critique them based on your favourites.

If you like doing things for a good cause, then the Byron Lighthouse Run should be a treat for you. It’s an annual community event held every September and is supported by local businesses. This annual event is run every year to raise funds for charity. The run comprises of a 2 km climb up the lighthouse beginning from Denning Park. There are various charities that benefit from this run, so you can join the event to be more active and to run for a solid local cause.

Another annual event that you should look forward to in Byron Bay every spring is the Byron Latin Fiesta. You don’t have to be a good dancer to join in and have fun with the crowd. The music, energy and people should be enough to get you all pumped up. This is a great way to get together with your friends and to dance the night away.

Byron Bay is well known for having a rich history of grass roots music. The Byron Latin Fiesta runs for four nights and three days every November to celebrate Latin music and to provide a platform for talented Latin musicians to gather and share their music.

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