Our friends often ask us why we love doing yoga and quite simply, we couldn’t imagine our lives without it now. In a culture where life is fast paced and always on the go, it is a chance to stop, connect with the mind and body, relax and assist ourselves to be present.

The benefits of yoga are long lasting. Research around yoga suggests it can help alleviate stress, fatigue, assist with better digestion and so much more. It has also been said that it helps improve the minds function to deal with learning – allowing us to retain information more easily, helps reduce depression and anxiety in some people and gives a sense of calm.

Often our friends say to us that they feel they are not flexible enough to join a yoga class but it is much more than that. It is not being able to achieve the perfect position but being comfortable enough to attempt and modify the pose as needed, that suits your body. Being present to who we are now as a being without fear or judgement to grow is far more important.

Once you commence, the benefits of yoga will become more obvious. Your mind and body will start to change, offering a sense of empowerment and self realisation so it is important to listen to your inner self. The practice of yoga is not just about the brain or body or achieving a level of happiness but it aims to be much more. It connects you with yourself, your spiritual being and offers kindness in the way of self compassion and compassion for others.

What do you love about yoga? What are some of the benefits of yoga that you have found?