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Organic bamboo & pure cotton Mittens


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For many young parents, it can be a challenging task to find out the right kind of baby mittens for their newborns. While shopping, they can easily get overwhelmed by multiple options and choose a wrong product.

From protecting your baby’s tiny fingers from harsh winters to preventing your baby from scratching his/her face, baby mittens are crucial for your baby’s overall health. Additionally, this product protects baby’s hands from germs.




While there are a lot of benefits of a baby mitten, it is necessary to invest in the right kind of quality mittens. And what can be better than organic bamboo & pure cotton mittens! They are soft and breathable and made from organic bamboo & pure cotton and bamboo blend.

Features of Organic bamboo & pure cotton Mittens

  • Made of super-soft extremely fine organic bamboo & pure cotton and bamboo blend
  • Eco-friendly. 100% organic bamboo & pure cotton and bamboo that have been grown using sustainable farming practices
  • Organic bamboo & pure cotton mittens are breathable and soft on baby’s skin
  • They prevent scratching and protect against germs
  • Cotton mittens are adjustable to fit
  • Easy to clean
  • Antimicrobial

Why should parents opt for mittens made of bamboo and organic bamboo & pure cotton?

Mittens made of organic bamboo & pure cotton are better for babies in various ways. Even the pediatrics recommends them. These mittens are softer when compared to conventional clothing options. Also they are tender on your baby’s developing skin.

The production of organic bamboo & pure cotton does not require any kind of chemical addition. Therefore, it is completely safe from allergies. Besides this, mittens made of cotton helps in reducing palm perspiration issues.

Gentle on the environment, bamboo mittens have antimicrobial properties. Its enhanced breathability factor is an added plus. And of course, they are more sustainable when compared to other synthetic products. With a 70:30 bamboo and organic bamboo & pure cotton blend ratio, it’s a perfect choice for your kids.

Organic bamboo & pure cotton mittens provide warmth to your baby’s tiny hands and protect them from harsh winters. They are designed to keep germs at bay and prevent your baby from scratching its face. Moreover, their elastics are quite durable and do not lose hold easily.

Easy to Wash

Compared to cloth mittens, bamboo mittens are easy to wash. They just require a delicate hand wash. You can go through the following procedure to wash it.

  • Take lukewarm water in the sink with a few drops of mild detergent
  • Soak them for 15-20 minutes, to let soap/detergent easily get absorbed into them
  • Gently rub the stains
  • Tenderly wring out the water from mittens
  • Keep water temperature somewhere around 30 to 35-degree celsius
  • Avoid chlorine or oxygen bleach

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This winter protect your baby’s hand with our cutest collection of mittens.

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