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‘Milton’ Men’s Bamboo Boxers Dark Grey


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Why Bamboo Underwear?

You & Bamboo’s ‘Milton’ Men’s Bamboo Boxers are a must for  any man’s underwear drawer. Featuring a quality finishes and a thick waistband, these boxers are not only comfortable but offer plenty of support where it is needed most. Available in a full range of sizes and plenty of colours, there is a pair of boxers to suit every man.

Made from unique and environmentally sustainable bamboo fabric, these boxers are breathable and naturally anti-bacterial. Like the friend you’ve always wanted, bamboo fabric is tough and durable, but at the same time luxuriously soft and surprisingly flexible. And the bonus- it looks amazing. All our labels are printed directly on the inside material which means no scratchy tags on the back.

The most comfortable and endurable pair of underwear a man could possess, this super soft fabric is made from 95% eco-friendly Bamboo and 5% Spandex, so it is both environmentally friendly and sensitive.

‘Milton’ Men’s Classic Bamboo Boxers are one of our most popular products! Super soft and fit comfortably snug. Bamboo fabric is unique in that when you’ve placed on the skin it barely moves, preventing riding up. These bamboo boxers are naturally anti-bacterial and breathe well, perfect for long hot days at work. Now available in white!

Sizing Guide:
S (32-34 inch)
M (34-36 inch)
L (36-38 inch)
XL (38-40 inch)
XXL (42-44 inch +)

All measurements relate to waist width.

Many men wear these boxers when working in harsh and hot conditions to prevent chafe and rashes. Clients have purchased these boxers claiming they were the only ones they could wear that would not irritate if they had heat rash or jock itch.

You will love your new ‘Milton’ Men’s Classic Bamboo Boxers.

Very soft fabric
Anti bacterial
Made with 95% bamboo & 5% spandex
Eco friendly

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3XL, L, M, Small, XL, XXL


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