Circulation Friendly Bamboo Business Sock


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One size fits all! Our bamboo socks adapt to the size of foot. Once you wear them once, they are the perfect fit.


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Bamboo Circulation Sock

This bamboo business sock is designed to be stylish at the same time as assisting with your circulation. Our bamboo sock has a specially designed cuff that allows for better flow and comfort. They are perfect for those with circulatory problems at the same time as being ultra comfortable for everyday wear.

Why choose our Bamboo Sock?

Our Circulation Friendly Bamboo Business Socks combines the style you need for business along with the comfort you’ve come to love about Bamboo. You and Bamboo’s Circulation Sock uses a particular weave to ensure support around the cuff, without cutting into the leg. As always our bamboo sock blends use Organic Bamboo yarn. This ensures the quality and natural benefits of Bamboo are kept in tact.

You will love your new Circulation Friendly Bamboo Business Sock

  • Antibacterial
  • Comfortable
  • Assist in circulation
  • Eco friendly

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Black, Green, Navy, White


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