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Balance Your Body

Bamboo Tea is high in silica which is a mineral that aids in balancing the mind and body, assists in skin rejuvenation and helps build and repair the cells in your body. Increasing silica in your diet promotes the growth of thick hair, supple skin, strong nails and healthy teeth & bone density. It is one of the main minerals that supports collagen production in the body.

Our Tea is also rich in antioxidants and micro nutrients which are known to promote overall balanced health and assist with the ageing and/or detoxification process.

Cultivate Calm Naturally

Our Loose Leaf Bamboo tea has natural herbal and soothing effects. A great alternative to store bought herbal teas. Hand Picked in India and 100% Organic.

Bamboo Tea Leaf Pricing:

  • 5pk – $10
  • 25g – $6.50
  • 50g – $12.50

You will love your new Bamboo Tea! ALSO available in “Roasted”. All the same goodness with added flavour!

  • Bamboo Leaf tea
  • Antioxidants
  • Balance mind and body
  • Naturally Organic

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5PK Silica Stick, 25g, 50g


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