Bamboo Baby Socks


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Bamboo Baby Socks are super soft, breathable and naturally anti-bacterial.

Available in 2 colour combos:

  • Rose, White and Cream
  • Pepper, White and Coffee

Available in Sizes:

  • Small: 0-6 months
  • Medium: 6-12 months
  • Large: 2-4 years

You will love your new Bamboo Baby Socks.

  • Very soft
  • Breathable
  • Antibacterial
  • Eco friendly

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Parenting is a very testing but enriching phase of our lives. Beyond the usual excitement, parents witness the sheer pleasure of having a beloved baby. The best part about having babies is – you get to dress them adorably! We all love babies in their adorable and colourful outfits, smiling without a care in the world.

A pair of cutesy little baby socks complement your baby’s outfit perfectly. We know you want to shield your precious one from harmful chemicals and dyes at such an early stage, which is why, our featured socks for babies are made from 100% natural and organically grown bamboo fibres.

The socks are made with bamboo fibres instead of cotton due to bamboo’s versatility, longevity and its anti-bacterial nature. We understand how sensitive babies are towards natural allergens, so our baby socks are only of the highest quality and design.

Available in 6 cool and peppy colours, these baby socks are made with thermo-regulating and moisture wicking bamboo fibres.

Our organic baby socks are just as comfortable as they are functional. They are breathable and super soft and the socks are anti-fungal and anti-odour. They do not sag and they prevent bacteria from breeding.

The best part is, the socks stay ON! Our baby socks have a non-slip sole which prevents the child from wiggling them off. We all know how difficult it is to keep up with your baby kicking off his shoes and socks. Not anymore. Our remarkable anti-slip sole ensures that the socks remain on.

Our bamboo baby socks adds a cool colour pallette to your child’s outfit. You can easily buy these right off our online store for those tiny feet. Our natural, eco-friendly and comfortable footwear accessories will let your baby’s feet grow naturally and breathe comfortably.

Why should you go for Bamboo Baby Socks?

Babies are prone to allergies. Since their immune system is still developing, protecting them from dirt, dust and other triggers should be your foremost priority.

Bamboo fibres have numerous cross-sections which have micro-holes present on them. These micro-holes offer better ventilation and moisture absorption.

Also, bamboo fibre is thermo-regulating by nature. This means it is warmer during winters and cooler in summers. Your child will not be irritable due to heat. His wiggly toes will be snug in winters.

Bamboo has several other interesting features as well. It does not cling to skin. The micro-fibres of bamboo socks for babies absorb moisture around three times more than cotton socks and keep your baby’s feet cool, dry and comfortable.

Bamboo fibres are smooth and round when you observe them under a microscope. This makes them wearable even if your child has allergies. Our natural bamboo baby socks are recommended for your baby’s feet to protect them from irritation and keep your child active.

We only use the finest quality bamboo from around the country to make our wide range of baby care products, so you can be assured of dressing your child with the highest quality products.

Now your baby’s wiggly toes will not be cold; thanks to these super adorable bamboo baby socks. Free of any chemicals and toxins, these adorable socks are the only baby socks your child needs. We have designed these socks for the feet of new-born babies to one year old toddlers. With these socks, you can take your babies for a walk in the park, let them roam around the house freely and take them to office – without having to worry about their feet catching infection.

With our organic bamboo baby socks, your child will have fresher, healthier and snug feet anywhere, anytime!

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Grey, Coffee, White, Rose, Cream, White


0 – 6 months, 1 – 2 years, 3 – 5 years


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