Probably shouldn’t have…

I probably shouldn’t have…

Experimented with new bamboo fabric colors, without out wearing gloves… But, but look at how pretty my hands are now!

I probably shouldn’t have… Gone for a surf, when I was supposed to be… Working. But wow, I feel so much more relaxed now and I seem to have achieved all my work anyway.

I probably shouldn’t have… Consumed as much food and wine with those friends of mine. But, it was such a fun night, so many golden memories!

Sometimes doing a probably shouldn’t can be you doing exactly what you should be doing, what is good for your soul, what make’s you happy, but perhaps what society’s mind says…. ‘You are misbehaving!’

I hear many people say, oh to be young again, with so little responsibility… Sometimes it is ourselves that create the notion of responsibility. We place ourselves in the box of the ideals what ‘I should be doing’.

Perhaps sometimes we need to replace the ‘should’ with what feels better to me.


You & Bamboo Founder

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