Organic Snacks

Whoever said that organic snacks always taste bland, plain and boring are definitely wrong. Most people these days know better than to serve their friends bad-tasting food, much less unhealthy and mass produced snacks.

Australia has a lot to offer to its locals and tourists alike and we are fortunate that we have many different organic produce options available. With a wide selection of organic snack options on offer, you can munch on and share these healthy eating choices with your family and friends.

Be sure to stock up on these organic snacks in your kitchen pantry or have them at the ready in your bag for a quick snack on the go. Besides the healthy benefits of organic snacks, these snacks are equally delightful to the taste buds and it won’t be long before you start hoarding these for your own pleasure.

Organic snacks

When it comes to choosing organic snacks, there are plenty of different options to choose from. Macadamia nuts are a native eastern Australian treat (just take a look around Alstonville and Lismore) and these nuts taste delightful enough to be eaten alone or mixed in with your favourite organic salad. You can also eat these nuts with bread, lamb roasts or in fruit cakes. From appetisers to main dishes and to desserts, there is always a place for Australia’s macadamia nuts.

Liquorice or licorice is another delicious and nutritious snack favourite and there is no better choice than the all-natural and organic licorice varieties. From hard licorice types to soft eating licorice, the best tasting ones are those made from all natural and organic ground licorice root with no artificial flavours or additives.

Another great tasting organic snack are Paleo bars and these do not have to taste bland or boring. The local Aussie made Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars have many exciting flavours to suit your taste buds, including Cacao Mint, Ginger Nut, Lamington, and Brazilian. These are all made from only the finest of raw organic ingredients, so that you can be sure that you are fueling your body with nothing but nutritious and delicious snack food.

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