Magical Pair of Underpants

There are some things in life that are not pleasant to talk about. But often, these are the things one needs to discuss. Thrush, jock itch, Candidiasis- we may shy away from these words, pretending they mean nothing to us. But if we are being honest, there is good chance that you have or will be affected by a fungal disease at least once in your life.

More people experience fungal disease, than those who don’t. So don’t be coy, let’s talk about the things making you itchy.

Seventy-five percent of adult women will experience Vulvovaginal Candidiasis aka thrust, at least once in their lifetime. This yeast infection may cause a burning sensation during urination, itchiness, pain and general discomfort. And it’s not just women that are affected by this nasty yeast.

It is less common, but men can also develop genital yeast infections. Jockitch is another fungal infection affecting the groin region. This contagiousinfection is attributed to high levels of moisture, frequent sweating, tight-fighting clothing and humid environments. Symptoms include red andinflamed skin, severe itchiness and discomfort in the groin region.

Thankfully, effective treatments are available. In addition to anti-fungal treatments, there are several ways to manage fungal infections, starting with your underpants.

My mother always told me it is bad to leave your bathers on after swimming. There are a lot of things mothers say that are blatant lies, but then sometimes, mothers tell the truth. As it turns out that there arecertain materials, like those found in swimming costumes, that do not allow adequate ventilation in the panty region. This in turns lets moisture accumulate and yeast love moist conditions. Hence constantly wearing ones bathers can lead to a yeast infection, which, as my mother pointed out, is a bad thing.

The reverse also holds true, that is wearing underpants made from breathable materials can help manage, and in some cases, prevent fungal infections. Now I do not claim that any pair of underpants is magic, but if such things existed then I think bamboo underwear would be a contender.

The primary ingredient in bamboo material is the bamboo stalk. This pulpy fiber has unique wicking properties, which allows the fabric to draw moisture away from the skin. In addition, bamboo fibre is naturally intolerant of fungi making bamboo material ideal for undergarments. They material breathes beautifully, so ventilation is never a problem. And did I mention that bamboo material is incredibly soft, durable and produced using environmentally sustainable methods. Magic underpants? Pretty close, I reckon.

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