5 Top tips for reducing your baby and child’s clothing consumption.

You don’t have to be a hippy to care about the planet and just because you’re a mum doesn’t mean your bubs tiny footprint needs to leave behind a huge carbon footprint for them to grow up into. You can help the planet from just considering what clothing your buying for your bub.
Ask yourself these questions when buying clothing for your children.
1.    Is it made from good quality fabrics like bamboo that can last as hand me downs to future children or can be passed on?
2.    How many wears will they get out of it before it’s too small? Could you buy a size or two bigger to get the most wears out of it?
3.    Will it match with other items in the wardrobe? This also helps for more clothing combinations which = less waste
How many items in your baby or child really able to wear in a week? Do you need heaps and heaps of options? Or are you better with practical items you wear and leave out the rest? How can you adjust your buying habits?
It’s best to have a capsule wardrobe. For example, for a little girl in summer – 3 pairs of shorts, two skirts, five tops that match with all bottoms for best combinations, three pairs of shoes (sneakers, sandals, dress shoes), and for winter you could add pants, tights and jumpers.  Having a capsule wardrobe can reduce the need for excessive clothing consumption and save you money every season.
4.    Do you have a friend with a child younger or older than yours? Could you share the clothes or receive hand-me-downs? This same concept applies to all things really, consider your kid’s toys and many other baby accessories.
5.    Don’t forget to on-sell your items or keep them in storage for the next child.
We would love to hear any other tips you might have for reducing your child’s clothing consumption in the comments. Want to start being better on the environment? Explores some of our bamboo baby products!
A huge thanks to Angela Mulvay for contributing her thoughts here!