Why Bamboo Tea?

Why Bamboo Tea?

As a coffee drinker, I don’t care for tea. Tea doesn’t punch me in the face in the morning. Coffee knows I need a few slaps around the head to start my day. Tea…tea is soft and soothing. It coaxes you awake . It slowly rouses your senses and gently sends you on your way. I don’t respond to gentle suggestions. I need Commando style ordering around! Not lilting positive affirmations. Wait…..wha? What am I thinking??

I have just always relied on the instant uptake that coffee administers. THAT jolt…the hit! The love 🙂 And it works and it’s delicious but tea started to give me something coffee couldn’t. Health, nutrients, results…and not just any tea. Bamboo Tea. So let’s get into it.

I have always had thin hair and ‘thin’ skin. Not the thick luscious manes and dewy tanned skin synonymous with Polynesian women (I’m Polynesian :P). My hair hadn’t really been a problem until my thin hair started to become “thinning” hair. I’ve done the castor oil masks, the caffeine shampoos, smooshed avocados into my scalp, used drops of lavender…nothing has worked. Why did I wait all this time to use my own product?? Cause I was a coffee drinker :/

I spruiked all the benefits of Bamboo Tea to my loyal customers and then it was my turn to find out what all the fuss was about.

Bamboo Tea has the most potent levels of natural Silica you can find. Silica is the backbone that helps with strong hair, skin and nails. Within the human body, it is the third largest trace element. Makes sense right? Its’ existence is there to support the body’s largest organ. So with that in mind, 2 weeks ago I started to introduce my tea into my daily routine.

Its’ mildness is nourishing and quenching. It’s not offensive and acrid like my beloved coffee but it’s working. I’ve steeped it up to 3 times a day in the hopes of squeezing every bit of goodness out of it and after 2 weeks I finally wasn’t pulling clumps of hair out in the shower. My hair is staying put and getting stronger! Now admittedly it’s only been two weeks but I’m encouraged. I’d spent $100’s of dollars over the last year and half trying to find something, anything, to help, even just a little bit. Nothing did….until now. So I’ll keep you posted 🙂

The “Black Diamond”

The “Black Diamond”

Nature’s original detoxifier, Charcoal, has been used for centuries to draw out toxins and impurities. Amongst Natural Healers and Traditional Medicine, it is known as the “Black Diamond”. Its many uses include; purifying water, absorbing moisture and odours in the air, it even has the almost “magical” property of being able to shield electromagnetic waves! This has nothing to do with magic and everything to do with SCIENCE.

Activated Charcoal requires heating a carbon rich material, such as Bamboo, to extremely high temperatures. This strips the Bamboo of any molecular matter and frees up those bonding sites. The process creates more holes within each molecule therefore increasing the surface area of the Bamboo and producing an exponential increase in absorption. Charcoal’s unique ability to draw out AND absorb these impurities comes from the ‘chemical reactions’ that occur during this heating/activation.

Charcoal’s porous texture produces negative ions that in turn seek out positively charged ions such as poisons, toxins and impurities, allowing the pollutants to be easily and efficiently absorbed. Yet another of the by-products of Activated Charcoal is Carbon Black. Now, electromagnetic waves usually travel through or bounce off substances, but the chemistry of Carbon Black allows it to absorb the energy within the waves’ atoms therefore enabling it to absorb electromagnetic waves.

So there you have it. The “Magic” of the Black Diamond!